Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Be Creative. Be Happy. Make Art.

Some of my friends have asked me when do I have time to make quilts? 

They know I have a full-time job, spouse, two sons, and a dog. The boys are out of our house, but of course not out of our lives or our minds, but it does free you up once your children are no longer in grade-middle-high school.  My spouse is a wonderful cook and retired and that helps immensely. The dog only wants to be loved...don't we all?

I make time for art each day. I may not be working on a quilt, but I might be knitting, spinning, painting, or dyeing fabric. If you put your mind to it you can make it happen.  Sometimes all I do is knit a few rows on my latest project after dinner while watching television (currently I am working on a bronze wrap/shawl...ripped out only once so far).
On the floor tonight. It really looks better if your squint!

Make time for what is important to you. Try it. 
Even 5 minutes will help you feel good about your art. It is sort of like investing in your savings account---$5 once a week for 52 weeks is $260.00.  And that is $250 that you didn't have before you started your new routine!

With that idea in mind...
why not make one block each day;
or,  cut the fabric for one block one day and then sew it together the following day!

As a creative person you must create art. You have no choice if you want to be happy. 

Be creative. Be happy. Make art. 


Thursday, February 12, 2015

And so it goes...project update

I am making slow progress on the quilts I was working on at the Shoreline retreat 2 weeks ago. Here are a few pictures.  

·       Scrappy Disappearing 9-Patch - On the floor

      ·       Cut Outs - in progress

       Rose Spiral - Finished!


Thursday, February 5, 2015

Art Quilts at the Hartford Public Library

As some of you know the Connecticut Fiber Arts Collective, of which I am a member,  has a show honoring Romare Bearden at the Hartford Public Library that will be on view through mid-March 2015.

Here is a link to the YouTube video

A little known secret... I am the narrator~!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Retreat in the CT Woods

I was on retreat this past weekend with a group from Shoreline Quilters. Can you imagine being snow bound in the Connecticut woods with your stash and a bunch of friends? 

That is obviously a bit of an exaggeration, but we did have an evening of snow and mixed precipitation that made for treacherous walking the following morning. However, the folks at the Incarnation Center were very attentive to the situation by shoveling and putting salt down. They even cleared the snow off our cars!

Each year I take more fabric than I need and wonder why I cannot be more selective in the packing, but I just don’t seem to be able. Maybe I am so excited about the possibilities that I cannot prioritize. 
Here are a few photos of what I was working on. 
Scrappy Disappearing 9-Patch
Broderie Perse (Persian Embroidery)

Experimental Piece

Friday, October 17, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop


I was invited to participate in the Around the World Blog Hop by fabric artisan Carol  of Carol R. Eaton Designs.  
BUT here is the catch...I am blogging more frequently at the following addresses. Please go to (Mary Lachman Design) and 
Moth at the Window.
Spring Garden - inspired by my backyard (honestly!)

Monday, October 13, 2014

CheckerBlue Scrap Quilt Free Pattern

CheckerBlue is an easy to make scrap quilt. The checkerboard 9-patch blocks are all made from 2 1/2" strips. Four 9-patch blocks create one large 'checkerboard' block. The alternating large squares combine colors from the smaller 9-patch blocks and a contrast colors. A knowledge of basic block and quilt construction is assumed. If you have any questions please leave a comment for me.

Assorted dark, light and medium 2 1/2" x wide-of-fabric strips (I used predominately blue and white).
Two yards of dark contrast print fabric (C)
One yard of blue and white check fabric (D)

How to make one 9-patch block:
  1. Cut 2 1/2" strips into 2 1/2" squares.
  2. Sew dark and light squares together in groups of 3 (dark-light-dark) = A
  3. Sew light and dark squares together in groups of 3 (light-dark-light) = B
  4. Sew the group of 3 'A' to a group of 3 'B', press seams to dark
  5. Add another row of 3 'A' or 3 'B' to complete the pattern
  6. Completed block will be 6 1/2" square.
  7. Four of these 9-patch blocks are sewn together to make one large 'checkerboard' block that should measure 12 1/2" finished.

How to make larger contrast block:
  1. Cut 2 fabric strips 4 1/2" x 12 1/2" (C-1)
  2. Cut 2 squares from the same fabric, 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" (C-2)
  3. Cut 1 contrast fabric square, 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" (D)
  4. Sew one C-2 square onto the side of D square. 
  5. Sew the second C-2 square onto the opposite side of the D square.
  6. Sew the C-1 strips along each edge of the C-2:D:C-2 piece.
  7. The completed contrast block should measure 12 1/2".

To see my current work in progress go to