Monday, September 17, 2012

Hats on the Way

This past weekend I focused on two things (instead of running errands or working in the garden):
#2 - Cleaning up the studio so I could see the floor again.

This year CAW asked me to provide them with a dozen hats. However, since life is crazy and I am a runs-with-scissors-kind-of-girl it wasn't until yesterday that I knew I could meet their request. I love making hats and this year I decided to try a few new ideas. I hope you have a chance to go to the exhibition which runs from October 27 through December 24, 2012.

Most of my hats are knit of 100% Peruvian wool, felted in the washing machine and shaped by hand. Wool is naturally warm and weather resistant and renewable. 

Here is an example of a traditional felted wool topper accented with a grosgrain ribbon band and vintage button. 

In this one I added embellishments of handcrocheted flowers and vintage buttons.  

This hat is made from recycled wool garments (a vintage skirt and a handknit scarf). It is lined with fleece. 

Here the flower embellishment is made from the trim of a recycled wool sweater. 

All tagged and ready to go to New Haven.

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  1. The hats are beautiful! I look forwrd to getting over there and seeing them in the show!