Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Grey Matter Challenge

Early last summer I handed each member of my art quilt group (CTFAC) a brown paper bag filled with strips of grey cotton and challenged them to create a small art quilt using at least 2 of the fabrics in the bag.

My piece is a landscape reminiscent of the view out my car's rear view window in the late fall as I drive to work early each morning. The sun is not yet over the horizon, but has begun to fill the sky with a beautiful light. It will be mounted on 11x14 inch stretched canvas as part of the next CTFAC exhibit at the Duncaster Retirement Center in Bloomfield in March.

For more Grey Matter Challenge pieces check out the CTFAC blog at


  1. Your piece is beautiful and I love that time of the morning! You captured it well!

  2. Oooh, Mary! I love it! Plus I get an extra chuckle knowing it's a view out your car's rear window!