Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Be Creative. Be Happy. Make Art.

Some of my friends have asked me when do I have time to make quilts? 

They know I have a full-time job, spouse, two sons, and a dog. The boys are out of our house, but of course not out of our lives or our minds, but it does free you up once your children are no longer in grade-middle-high school.  My spouse is a wonderful cook and retired and that helps immensely. The dog only wants to be loved...don't we all?

I make time for art each day. I may not be working on a quilt, but I might be knitting, spinning, painting, or dyeing fabric. If you put your mind to it you can make it happen.  Sometimes all I do is knit a few rows on my latest project after dinner while watching television (currently I am working on a bronze wrap/shawl...ripped out only once so far).
On the floor tonight. It really looks better if your squint!

Make time for what is important to you. Try it. 
Even 5 minutes will help you feel good about your art. It is sort of like investing in your savings account---$5 once a week for 52 weeks is $260.00.  And that is $250 that you didn't have before you started your new routine!

With that idea in mind...
why not make one block each day;
or,  cut the fabric for one block one day and then sew it together the following day!

As a creative person you must create art. You have no choice if you want to be happy. 

Be creative. Be happy. Make art. 



  1. Thanks for the wise words, Mary! Whatever our priorities are, we never just "have time" for them. We MAKE time for them. :-)

  2. why am I not surprised that you are spinning now? ;-) crafting everyday is a great idea; I've been trying to do more this winter, it's amazing how much better I feel with just a little knitting every day!

  3. Great words of wisdom Mary!