Saturday, April 25, 2015

A 9-Patch Variation Quilt

I simply love piecing fabric together on my machine! But what I enjoy even more is pressing the finished squares with the iron. The first is so meditative for me. I can really go to my place of calm. The second is somewhat calming but oh so satisfying to see those little stitches transform a pressed fabric.

I embrace many styles of quilting from free-form piecing to appliqué, but I continue to enjoy the now traditional process of rotary cutting (with some precision) and piecing with matched seams (fairly matched...don't look too closely).

Patterns don't scare me. In fact I have never met a pattern I didn't like and want to incorporate!  Here is an example of a scrappy 9-patch variation top I completed this week. I will show you the basic block transformation later this week.


  1. You are fearless when it comes to patterns - love this piece!

    1. Thank you Carol!
      It really was a lot of fun. You know how I adore pattern and color.